A Novel Portable Device for Detection of COVID19 Related Samples

Volatile compounds collected from human skins can involve a wide range of metabolic pathways in different sources such as secretions (sweat and oil) from eccrine, sebaceous or apocrine glands. Characteristic human body odors can be produced from apocrine glands mostly found in axillae, pubic and areolas. Alternatively, nonvolatile metabolites in secretions from the other glands can interact with skin microorganisms also contributing to human body odors. Acids, alcohols and aldehydes can be the result from the interactions between substances from the sebaceous gland and cutaneous bacteria. Due to the disrupted metabolisms of COVID19 patients, volatile compounds are expected to differently distribute throughout their bodies. Samples collected from the patient skins are thus expected to show different compounds compared with healthy persons. This leads to development of a portable device for SEXY (Safe Easy X speedY) detection of COVID19 related samples. We are currently applying him as much as possible.