Nipaka Sukpirom

Assistant Professor Dr. Nipaka Sukpirom


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•Catalytic activity of silver nanoparticles anchored on layered double hydroxides and hydroxyapatite. Inorganic Chemistry Communications. 2020. Cited 4
•One-pot synthesis of amorphous calcium phosphate/Fe3O4 composites and the application in the removal of cadmium. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. 2020. Cited 3
•As(V) removal using a magnetic layered double hydroxide composite. Separation Science and Technology (Philadelphia). 2016. Cited 7
•Adsorption of Hg(II) from aqueous solutions by thiol-functionalized polymer-coated magnetic particles. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. 2015. Cited 37
•Compatibility and conductivity of La2Ni1-xFexO4+δ and LaNi0•6Fe0•4O3–δ with GDC electrolyte. Energy Materials: Materials Science and Engineering for Energy Systems. 2015. Cited 0
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