CST Distinguished Chemist Award 2020 (Organic Chemistry)

Prof. Sumrit Wacharasindhu focuses on the discovery and development of new robust, convenient and environmentally friendly methods to prepare important organic compounds. We reach these goals by using the principles of green chemistry. The followings are the key themes of our research:

  1. Use of calcium carbide as feedstock: We replaced flammable acetylene gas, a major primary chemical feedstock, with solid calcium carbide in the reactions to prepare various acetylenic Our reactions were safer and more economical.
  2. Application of natural calcium carbonate as a catalyst support: We successfully created a new catalyst support from green mussel shell waste, which is safe and inexpensive. We developed excellent catalysts for various Pd-cross coupling reactions by embeding palladium nanoparticles on our support. The system demonstrated high uniformity and high reusability.
  3. Photo and electro-catalysis: Our group discovered novel photo and electro-oxidation processes to form C-N bonds and developed this reaction into an environmentally friendly processes for the creation of N-heterocycles compounds.

We are now seeking to apply these chemistries to the synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds and more complex chemicals.