We are innovators recently graduated from Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University who dream to pioneer the developing smartphone photography gadgets to be function as scientific equipments/industrial tools which are affordable, easily accessible, highly portable and most importantly, able to ignite the young’s inspiration & affection towards science. In addition, the tool will purposely enable any people to access microscopic information at any time from anywhere, promote lifelong learning with no restriction of age, gender, social status, religion or interests, and even generate unimaginable discovery beyond existing knowledge. CU Smartlens was innovated using our prior expertise in spectroscopy to create a tool substituting costly & imported scientific equipments. We established Lens and Smart Classroom Co.,Ltd. in 2016 to ensure the true benefits towards society of our research since we believed that practical knowledge will not only lie in a research paper, but will be commercializable.


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